10 Major Factors Which Causes Obesity & Their Symptoms

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There Are Various Factors Responsible For Obesity Causes.

Meaning Of Obesity

Obesity Normally Describes As “When Our Body Gain Excessive Fat & It Make Negative Impact On Our Health” This Is Called Obesity.

Obesity Is Also Known As “Fatness”. It Normally Occurs Due To Consuming Of Excess Calories Which Our Body Can Utilize.

As A Result, The Extra Fat Stored In Our Body, Which Creates Serious Illnesses & Diseases.

How People Suffered From Obesity

Their Is Large Number Of Population Around The World Suffering From This Disorder.

This Disorder Is Spreading In Large Numbers Every Year Because Of Unhygienic Food, Mental Stress, Imbalanced Lifestyle & Less Physical Activities.

In A Recent Research Shows That About 30% Of Population Around The World Are Obesity Or Overweight.

Since 1975, This Disorder Is Increased Three Times More. In Some Countries Obesity Rate In Children Is Increasing More Than Adult Obesity Rate.

obesity causes

It Is The Most Common Digestible Disorder In The Whole World. At Present Nearly About 35-40% Women & 20-25% Men In The Whole World Are Working Hard To Lose Weight.

Their Is A Huge Amount Of Money Burnt Out Around The World On Weight Loss Treatments Every Year.

But Their Is Not Any Specific Treatment Available To Counter This Disorder Permanently.

Risk Factors In Obesity

Their Is High Level Of Risk Involve In Obese Or Overweight Patients Because It Can Cause Serious Illnesses Or Diseases Like:- Heart Disorder, Respiratory Disorder, Cancer Disorder & Many More Disorders.

Nearly About 2.8 Million People Died Every Year Around The World Due To Obesity Or Overweight.

In A Recent Research Shows That People Around The World Died More Of Obese Or Overweight Than Underweight.

Basic Signs & Symptoms Of Obesity

These Are Basic Signs & Symptoms Of Overweight Disorder:-

  • Problems In Breathing.
  • Low Sexual Power.
  • Sleepiness.
obesity causes
  • Mentally Confusion.
  • Annoying Body Odour.
  • Early Ageing.
  • Lack Of Vitality.
  • Feeling Excess Hunger.
  • Feeling Excess Thirst.
  • Weakness.

Vital Obesity Causes

These Are Some Main Obesity Causes:-

  • Lack Of Physical Activities Or Exercises.
  • Heredity Or Genetically Can Also Cause Obesity.
  • Excessive Intake Of Junk & Fast Foods.
  • Consuming Excess Calories Than Our Body Can Burn.
  • Lack Of Sleep Can Also Causes Obesity Or Overweight.
  • Depression Can Also Lead To Obesity.
  • Lack Of Nutrition Can Also Lead To Obesity.
  • Pregnancy Can Also Lead To Obesity.
  • Excessive Intake Of Sugar Can Also Cause Obesity.
  • Excessive Use Of Steroids Or Anti Inflammatory Drugs Can Lead To Obese Or Overweight.

Overweight Or Obesity Treatment

These Steps Should Be Follow To Treat Obese Or Overweight:-

  • Strict Diet Should Fe Follow To Treat Obesity.
  • Some Doctors Recommended Surgery But I Always Prefer Herbal Medicines Before Any Surgery.
  • Junk Foods Should Be Avoided Strictly.
obesity causes
  • We Should Doing Enough Physical Activities To Counter Obesity.
  • Consuming Higher Amount Of Fruits & Vegetables Helps In Treating Obesity.
  • We Should Fully Avoided The White Sugar Products To Treat Obesity.
  • There Are Various Weight Loss Medicines Available In The Market To Treat Obesity. But We Should Be Careful While Choosing Weight Loss Medicines Because Side Effects Also Associated With This Type Of Medicines.
  • So We Should Prefer Herbal & Natural Products To Treat Obesity Because It Has No Adverse Or Side Effects.

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10 Major Factors Which Causes Obesity & Their Symptoms

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