10 Recommended Home Remedies For Acidity

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Due To Acidity, People Complain Of Sour Belching, Flatulence, Burning In The Chest & Stomach. In This Kind Of A Situation, You Can Adopt Home Remedies To Counter It.

The Main Reason Behind The Problem Of Acidity Is Wrong Eating Habits. Sometimes Eating Too Much Spicy Food Also Leads To Acidity Problem.

Due To The Busy & Hectic Life, We Are Not Able To Take Care Of Our Own Health & Wrong Eating Habits. Many People Are Troubled By The Problem Of Acidity.

According To Health Experts, Whenever The Acidic Substances Found In The Stomach Or Enter In The Food Pipe, Then There Is A Problem Of Acidity.

It Creates Discomfort In The Body & Also Causes Burning Sensation In Throat & Pain In The Stomach.

Home Remedies For Acidity

  • Ajwain Water

Ajwain Is Considered Very Beneficial For Acidity. Drinking Ajwain Water Can Get Relief From The Problem Of Acidity.

You Have To Boil Two Spoons Of Carom Seeds Well In A Cup Of Water, When This Water Becomes Half, Then Turn Off The Gas & When It Cools Down, Filter It After Adding Black Salt & Then Drink This Water.

After Sometime, You Will Realizes That The Problem Of Acidity & Constipation Is Reduces Instantly.

  • Roasted Cumin & Black Salt

Cumin Is One Such Spice That Is Used Every Day For Tempering In Vegetables, Lentils & raita.

Cumin Is Considered Very Effective In The Treatment Of Stomach Ache, Constipation & Acidity.

Roasting Cumin Seeds & Eating It With Black Salt Can Get Relief From The Problem Of Acidity(Home Remedies For Acidity).

  • Include Amla In Diet
home remedies for acidity

Amla Is Considered To Be A Good Source Of Vitamin C, Which Along With Immunity Boosting Ability Can Help The Body Get Rid Of Many Health Problems.

If You Often Complain Of Acidity, Then You Should Include Amla In Your Diet, You Can Use It In The Form Of Pickle, Marmalade & juice(Home Remedies For Acidity).

  • Ginger Tea Or Water

Ginger Is Considered Very Beneficial For Health, Ginger Used Regularly In Day Today Life. Drinking Ginger Tea Or Ginger Water Can Provide Relief From The Problem Of Acidity.

Compounds Found In Ginger Can Provide Relief From Stomach Gas, Burning Sensation & Acidity(Home Remedies For Acidity).

  • Drink Lemonade
home remedies for acidity

The Alkaline Property Of Lemon Helps In Neutralizing The Excess Acid Secreted In Our Stomach & It Quickly Removes The Problem Of Indigestion, Thereby It Reduces The Irritation Of The Stomach & Throat.

For Relief From This Problem, Take One Glass Of Lukewarm Water & Mixed With One Teaspoon Of Lemon Juice In It & Drink 2 Times A Day.

  • Holy Basil Or Tulsi

Holy Basil Or Tulsi Leaves Is Another Home Remedies, Which Relieve Us From The Burning Sensation Caused By Acidity & Give Relief To The Stomach.

For Fast & Instant Relief From Irritation, You Should Chew 4 To 5 Holy Basil Leaves & Eat It.

You Can Also Consume, Basil Leaves By Boiling It With Some Water & Then Drink That Lukewarm Water Instantly(Home Remedies For Acidity).

  • Fennel
home remedies for acidity

People Often Like To Consume Fennel After Meals. The Main Purpose Behind This Is That Fennel Is Consider As Beneficial Or Helpful In Digestion.

It Also Benefits In Burning Of Stomach & Throat. It Cools The Stomach & Relieves From Burning Sensation.

  • Jaggery

Jaggery Is Considered To Be A Very Beneficial Home Remedy. It Accelerates The Process Of Digestion & Protects Us From Acidity.

If You Are Going To Take Heavy Meals, Then Eat Some Jaggery Before That. Even If There Is A Burning Sensation In The Throat & Stomach Due To Acidity, Eat A Piece Of Jaggery, It Will End The Burning Sensation.

  • Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Has Innumerable Benefits For Our Health. Due To Its Significant Anti Inflammatory Properties, It Also Provide Relief From Irritation Caused By Acidity.

To Make Aloe Vera Juice, Separate The Pulpy Part Of Aloe Vera From The Leaves. Then Mix Water In It & Prepare Its Juice.

You Can Consume This Aloe Vera Juice 2 To 3 Times A Day(Home Remedies For Acidity).

  • Cinnamon Increases The Good Bacteria

Cinnamon, Which Is Commonly Used To Enhance The Flavor Of Food In Biryanis & Curries, Can Also Help Relieve Problems Caused By Indigestion.

This Is Because Cinnamon Has Prebiotic Properties, Which Promotes The Growth Of Good Bacteria & Helps In Suppressing The Growth Of Pathogenic Bacteria.

Therefore, Adding Cinnamon Regularly To Your Diet Can Help In Improving Gut Health(Home Remedies For Acidity).

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