11 Main Factors Which Causes Hair Loss & Their Treatment

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What Is Hair Loss (Alopecia) Or Hair Fall?

Hair Loss (Alopecia) Or Hair Fall Is The Most Common Problem In The Whole World. Every 2 Out Of 3 Persons Are Facing This Problem.

Hair Loss Mainly Affects On Scalp But Sometimes It Affects On Entire Body.

Men Facing This Problem More Than Compare To Women. Excessive Hair Loss Can Also Occur In Children.

The Normal Life Of Individual Hair Is 2 To 7 Years. There Is A Process Normally Happens To Every Person, That Lost Hair Replaces With The New Hair.

But Sometimes New Hair Doesn’t Replaces Lost Hair Due To Various Factors. Hair Loss Can Start Slowly Over The Years Or Happen Instantly.

If You Lose 50-100 Hairs Per Day Then You Should Not Worry Because Its A Normal Hair Loss Process.

But If You Lose More Than 125 Hairs Per Day Then You Should Be Worry & Consult With Your Dermatologist.

In America (USA) About 80 Million Men & Women Are Suffering From Hereditary Hair Loss (Alopecia) Problem.

Hair Loss Problem Can Stay For Temporary Or Also For Permanent (Forever). There Are Various Factors Which Causes Hair Loss & Are Responsible For Hair fall.

hair fall reasons hair loss causes

Most Common Hair Loss Causes

1):- Blood Circulation

The Most Important Cause For Hair Loss Is Blood Circulation.

When The Blood Is Not Circulated Properly To The Hair Roots Then It Causes Hair Loss Because Blood Is The Main Particles Which Transports The Nutrition To The Hair Roots.

2):- Hereditary (Family History)

This Kind Of Hair Loss Affects Both Men & Women. This Type Of Hair Loss Is The Most Common In The Whole World.

In Men, It Affects Mainly On Receding Hairline & Make Bald Spots At The Top Of The Head, This Is Called Male Pattern Baldness.

In Women, It Affects Mainly On Overall Thinning Of Hair Along The Crown Of The Scalp, This Is Called Female Pattern Baldness.

This Type Of Hair Loss In Medical Term In Men & Women Is Called Androgenic Alopecia.

3):- Unhygienic Diet

hair fall reasons hair loss causes

Unhygienic Diet Or Improper Diet Is Also Causing Hair Loss. This Happens When Our Hair Root Does Not Get Proper Nutrition.

Our Hair Root Needs Significant Amount Of Nutrition Like:- Protein & Vitamins.

Due To The Deficiency Of Nutrition Our Hair Follicles Starts To Dying, As You Know That Hair Follicles Responsible For Hair Grow & Hair Loss.

4):- Digestive Problem

Digestive Problem Is Also Responsible For Hair Loss.

Due To The Digestive System Issues Or Weak Digestion Our Body Does Not Able To Absorb Nutrition From The Food, Which Is Full Of Nutrients. This Affects Mainly On Hairs.

Due To The Lack Of Nutrition Our Hair Root Starts Dying Slowly Or Rapidly Over The Years. As A Result Hair Loss Starts.

5):- Ageing

Age Is Also The Most Important Factor That Causes Hair Loss. After The 40-50 Age The Hair Follicles Stop Growing Hair.

Which Results The Thinning Of Hair On The Scalp. Hair Also Starts To Drop Its Color.

A Pigment Called Melanin Is Responsible For Hair Color, Which Produces By Hair Follicles. After Ageing, The Hair Follicles Gradually Died Over The Years.

Hair Follicles Are Responsible For Hair Loss & Premature Greying Hairs.

6):- Hormonal Imbalance

hair fall reasons hair loss causes

Hormonal Imbalance Is Most Common Cause For Hair Loss In Women.

Hormonal Changes Depend Upon Various Factors Like:- Pregnancy, Menopause, ChildBirth, Thyroid Issues & Some Birth Control Pills Also Responsible For Hormonal Imbalance, Which Further Responsible For Hair Loss.

7):- Medical Conditions

There Are Some Kind Of Diseases Which Causes Hair Loss. Like:- Thyroid Disease, Alopecia Areata (This Disease Directly Attacks On Hair Follicles), Scalp Disorder Like:- Ringworm.

Scarring Causing Diseases Like:- Lupus, Lichen Planus (Scarring Is An Infections Of Scalp Which Causes Permanent Hair Loss).

8):- Drugs Or Medicines

There Are Some Drugs Or Medicines Which We Are Taking From Long Period Of Time To Treat These Diseases.

Like:- Arthritis, Heart Problems, Gout & High Blood Pressure. The Side Effects Of These Drugs Can Causes Temporary Or Permanent Hair Loss (Hair Loss Causes).

9):- Cancer Treatment

Hair Loss Is Most Common Side Effects Associated With Cancer Treatment Is Given To Patients. Chemotherapy Drugs Medications Is Given Cancer Patient To Treat Cancer.

Chemotherapy Drugs Are Most Powerful Medications Used To Stop The Growing Of Cancer Cells But Unfortunately, It Also Affects The Cells That Grow Our Hairs.

Chemotherapy Medications Side Effects Affect Not Only On Our Scalp But It Also Affects On All Hairs Of Our Body Including:- Eyebrow, Eyelash & Armpit Etc (Hair Loss Causes).

10):- Stress & Mental Imbalance

hair fall reasons hair loss causes

There Is So Many Problems Associated With Stress. If A Person Is In Stress Or Mentally Imbalance From A Long Period Of Time. Hair Loss Is One Of Those Problems.

Stress Hormone Destroys Our Stem Cells (Hair Follicles), When We Are Chronic Mentally Stressed.

These Are Some Examples Of How People Mentally Or Emotionally Stressed:-

  • Feeling Lonely
  • Globally Pandemic
  • Divorce
  • Break Up
  • Financial Insecurity
  • Health Issues
  • Pressure At Office Or School
  • Death Of Loved One

11):- Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D Play A Vital Role In Vitalizing Hair Follicles. When A Person Is Deficient Of Vitamin D.

They Experience A Hair Loss Because Our Stem Cells (Hair Follicles) Needs Vitamin D To Grow New Hairs.

Vitamin D Is Most Essential Components & Nutrition To Grow Hair. It Helps In Strengthening Of Hair Roots (Hair Loss Causes).

Hair Loss Treatment

1):- Root Cause

Before Starting Any Kind Of Hair Loss Treatment. First Of All, You Have To Find The Root Causes To Treat Hair Loss Because It Helps To Give The Best Possible Treatment.

2):- Derma Roller

Derma Roller Is Highly Effective In Preventing Hair Loss, It Significantly Helps In Hair Growth & It Also Effective In Beard Growth.

In Derma Roller Usage Process, A Micro Sized Needles Is Used To Puncture Holes Of Scalp To Circulate The Blood Flow Throughout The Scalp.

Side Effects:- Bleeding, Bruising And Infection.

3):- Finasteride

Finasteride Is Very Common Drug To Treat Hair Loss In Men. It Helps To Slow Down The Hair Loss Process In Men.

But In Some Cases Few People Experiences That It Helps In Growing New Hairs Also.

Side Effects:- Sexual Problem May Occur And Increases The Risk Of Prostate Cancer.

4):- Minoxidil

Minoxidil Helps In Growing New Hairs & It Also Slowing The Hair Loss Process In Men & Women.

Minoxidil Helps In Circulating Blood Flow All Over The Scalp, Which Is Main Cause For Hair Loss.

Minoxidil Comes In Three Different Forms:- Foam, Liquid & Shampoo Forms. It Will Takes About Six Months To Grow New Hairs & Prevent Hair Loss.

Side Effects:- Scalp Irritation, Itching, Dryness, Redness And Unwanted Hair Growth.

5):- Protein Rich Plasma

Doctors Have Prescribed Some Patients To PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) Injections To Vitalizing Hair Growth.

It Contains Protein That Increases Stem Cells (Hair Follicles). PRP Is Very Effective For Hair Regrow.

Side Effects:- Infection, Nerve Injury And Tissue Damage.

6):- Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Is Most Common Treatment For Permanent Hair Loss.

During A Hair Transplant Surgery, A Dermatologist Or Surgeon Removes A Part Of Your Hair From Head & Transplants It To The Bald Spot.

Side Effects:- Bleeding, Infection, Swelling And Painful.

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