12 Foods Combination Produces Toxins In The Body

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What Are Foods Combination

Eating Two Or More Foods Substances Combined Together Of Different Taste, Energy & Post Digestive Effect Can Results On Agni (Digestive System) & Digestive Enzyme Of The Body.

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Side Effects Of Improper Foods Combination

Improper Foods Combination Can Results, The Production Of Toxins In The Body.

It Also Produces Indigestion, Fermentation And Gas Formation, If This Condition Prolonged To Long Time Which Can Lead To Toxaemia (Toxins In The Body) & This Results The Formation Of Diseases In The Body.

Examples Of Improper Foods Combination

  • Eating Bananas With Milk Can Slow The Agni (Digestive System) Which Results Toxins Occur In The Body, Which Can Cause Diseases Like:- Sinus Congestion, Cold, Cough And Allergies.
  • Fruits And Potatoes Or Other Starchy Foods Taken Together Can Produce Toxins In The Body.
  • Melons And Grains, Eating Together Can Cause Indigestion Because Melons Digest Quickly Whereas Grains Take More Time To Digest. This Improper Combination Can Effect On Stomach.
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  • Meat And Milk Are Taken Together Can Disturb Agni (Digestive System) Because Meat And Milk Causes Cooling Effect, Which Further Forms Toxins In The Body.
  • Milk And Melons Should Not Be Taken Together Because Both Are Cooling By Nature, So They Are Incompatible As Milk Is Laxative And Melon Is Diuretic. Whereas Milk Take More Time To Digest And Melon Take Less Time To Digest.
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12 Foods Combination To Avoid

  • Sour Foods Should Be Avoid With Saltish, Pungent, And Bitter Tastes.
  • Sugar Should Be Avoid With Fish.
  • Date Should Be Avoid With Banana.
  • Jaggery Should Be Avoid With Radish.
  • Banana Should Be Avoid With Milk.
  • Curd Should Be Avoid With Banana.
  • Milk Should Be Avoid With Meat And Fish.
  • Sweet Products Should Be Avoid With Salty, Acidic, Bitter And Astringent Tastes.
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  • Milk Should Be Avoid With Lemon.
  • Mustard Oil Should Be Avoid With Milk Prepared In Mustard Oil, Milk & Honey.
  • Honey Should Be Avoid With Hot Substances & Oily Substances.
  • Salty Substances Should Be Avoid With Acrid, Bitter & Astringent Tastes.

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12 Foods Combination Produces Toxins In The Body

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