13 Best Natural Ways To Build Immunity Against Covid 19

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Before Discussing About How To Build Immunity Naturally Against Covid 19. First Of All We Have To Know, What Is Immunity?

Meaning Of Immunity

In Simple Words, Immunity Is The Body’s Ability To Stop The Attacks Of Pathogens (Disease Causing Agents).

A Pathogen Is A Communicable Thing It Includes Bacteria, Virus, Parasite Or Fungi, Which Causes A Disease.

An Immune System Of A Body Is Also Known As Defence System, Which Protects Our Body From The Attacks Of Antigens & Diseases.

Our Immune System Works As A Leader. Who Himself Makes A Decision & Differentiate Between Body’s Own Cells And Unknown (Foreign) Cells, To Fight Against Infections And Diseases.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Weak Immunity

Immunity for covid 19
  • Anemia
  • Feeling Tired All The Time
  • Feeling Cold All The Time
  • Gastric Upset or Indigestion
  • Bizarre Hair Loss
  • Rashes
  • Mild Fever
  • Headaches In Some Cases
  • Dry Eyes
  • Unnatural Weight Change
  • Yellowing Eye Or Skin
  • Allergies
  • Getting Infections Frequently
  • Joints Pain
  • Slow Healing In Injuries
  • Auto Immune Diseases
  • Increase In Stress Levels
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Inflammation Of Internal Organs
  • Blood Disorders

Why Our Body’s Immune System Becomes Weak

Immunity for covid 19

Sometimes Our Body’s Own Immune System Kill Body’s Own Cells And Destroy Them.

This Happens When Human Body Is Suffering From Any Kind Of Allergies, Hay Fever & Autoimmune Diseases Then Our Body’s Immune System Is Not Able To Differentiate Between Own Cells & Other Cells, As A Result, Body Destroys Own Cells.

Follow These Steps, If You Are Serious To Build Immunity Strong

Did You Know That Our 70% Immunity Depend On Our Digestive System.

If Your Digestive Process Is Not Working Properly Then You Are Wasting Your Time On Consuming Supplements, Fruits & Vegetables Or Doing Many Other Activities To Build Immunity Strong.

I Will Tell You Some Tips To Correct Your Digestive System. After This Process You Are Able To Build Your Immunity Strong.

If You Don’t Follow These Steps Below, Then You Are Wasting Your Time In Building Strong Immunity

  • After Wake Up In The Morning Drink 1 Or 2 Glasses Of Lukewarm Water With Empty Stomach Without Brushing Your Teeth Because Digestive Enzymes Stored In Our Mouth While Sleeping. Which Helps In Removing Toxic Particles From The Body.
  • Never Drink Water Immediately After Eating Anything.
  • You Can Drink Water After 60 Minutes Of Gap After Eating Anything.
  • Never Drink Water Before Eating Anything.
  • You Can Drink Water 40 Minutes Before Eating Anything.
  • Never Drink Hotter & Colder Substances Simultaneously.
  • Keep Your Body Hydrated All The Time.
  • Take 15-30 Minutes Sunlight Exposure Daily If Possible.

How Can We Boost Our Immunity Against Covid 19 & Other Diseases

These Are The Best 13 Natural & Easiest Ways To Build Strong Immunity & Fight Against Covid-19 & Other Infectious Or Non Infectious Disease:-

1:- Water

Water Supply Oxygen To Various Cells Of The Body. This Results The Proper Functioning Of Body’s Cells And Tissues.

We Should Drink Enough Water To Keep Our Body Hydrated.

So That Our Body Naturally Eliminate Toxins Or Other Waste Particles & Bacteria Which Can Causes Illnesses And Diseases In The Body.

Water Is The Cheapest And Easily Available Immunity Booster Products On Earth.

So We Have To Drink Enough Water To Boost Immune System. But Kidney Patient Should Be Avoid To Drink Too Much Of Water Because It Makes Negative Impact On Health.

2:- Early Morning Sunlight Exposure

The Early Morning Sunlight Exposure Gives You The Vitamin D In The Form Of Ultraviolet Rays, Which Is Nutrient For The Body. It Is Important For Our Bones, Blood Cells And Immunity.

So We Should Take 20 To 30 Minutes Early Morning Sunlight Exposure. Thats How Early Morning Sunlight Increases The Immunity Power Of The Body.

3:- Exercise & Yoga

Exercise & Yoga Helps Body To Throw Out Bacteria & Toxic Particles Through Lungs & Airways.

Exercise & Yoga Decreases Inflammation, Increases Blood Circulation In The Body, It Also Increases Circulation Of Immune Cells In The Body.

Yoga & Exercise Revitalizes Natural Killer Cells & T cells, Which Helps Body Fight Against Infections & Diseases.

So It Is Proved That Regular And Daily Habit Of Doing Exercise & Yoga Strengthens The Immune System Of The Body.

4:- Sleep

A Good Sleep Helps The T Cells Of The Body, T Cells Helps Body Fight Against Infections & Diseases.

Poor Sleep From Long Time Can Give A Long Term Problems Like Increasing Of Inflammation In The Body, Blood Pressure, Weight Gain Etc. As A Result Of This, It Directly Affects On Immunity.

On The Other Hand, In A Recent Research Confirmed That Good Sleep Can Boost Or Improve Your Immunity.

A Healthy People Should Get A Sleep Of 7 To 8 Hours In A Day.

5:- Stress

Stress Directly Affects On White Blood Cells Of Human Body Or Immune Cells, It Decreases Lymphocytes Of White Blood Cells.

White Blood Cells Mainly Works On Immunity, Which Directly Helps Body To Fight Against Diseases & Infections.

In A Recently Research Shows That About 85-90% Of Diseases & Infections Are Caused Due To Increasing Stress Levels In The Humans. Which Also Includes Diseases Like Cancer & Heart Diseases.

If Stress Are Chronic It Increases The Inflammation In The Body, Which Leads To Diseases Of The Immune System Like:- Arthritis & Lupus Etc.

On The Other Hand Stress Free Life Reduces Negative Hormones, Which Helps In Nourishing Cells & Tissues.

Stress Free Life Also Decreases Inflammation & Increases The White Blood Cells, Which Protects Body From Diseases & Boosting Immunity.

So Thats Why Stress Free Life Helps In Improving The Immune System Of The Body And Nourishes Our Body.

6:- Giloy Or Guduchi

Giloy Is An Ancient Powerful Medicinal Herb. Giloy Has A Natural Ability Of Immunity Booster. Giloy Has An Ability To Prevents The Body From All Kinds Of Diseases & Infections.

Giloy Is Also Called As Amrita.

Giloy Improves The Overall Functioning Of Vital Organs & Boost Immunity Factor. Giloy Also Nourishes All The Tissues & Cells Of Human Body.

7:- Honey & Cinnamon

Immunity for covid 19

Honey Also Has Powerful Anti Oxidant, Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Properties Which Improves The Digestive System & Also Improves Our Immunity.

The Digestive System Play A Major Role In Boosting The Immune System.

Regular Consumption Of Honey & Cinnamon Powder With Empty Stomach Early In The Morning Revitalizes The White Blood Cells & Also Improves The Whole Body Functions.

White Blood Cells Play A Vital Role In Immunity Factor. That’s Why White Blood Cells Is Also Called As Immune Cells.

8:- Antioxidants

Antioxidants Helps Body To Fight Against Free Radical Cells And Other Harmful Substances.

Antioxidant Stimulates & Nourishes Body’s Cells & Tissues.

In A Recent Research Proved That The Supplement Or Food We Consume Which Contains Antioxidant Can Boost Our Immune System.

These Are Some Fruits & Vegetables Which Are Rich In Antioxidants:-

  • Blueberries.
  • Strawberries.
  • Apples.
  • Spinach.
  • Red Grapes.
  • Oranges.

We Should Take More Herbs And Foods Which Contains Vitamins & Antioxidants, Because It Has Ability Of Immunity Booster.

9:- Egg

Egg Yolks Mainly Contains Zinc & The Selenium. Zinc Is Mainly Known For His Ability Of Immune Boosting.

Thats Why Egg Helps In Boosting & Strengthening The Immune System.

10:- Ashwagandha

Withania Somnifera Is The Latin Name Of Ashwagandha. It Also Known As Indian Ginseng & Winter Cherry.

Ashwagandha Is Also A Powerful Herb, Which Is Known For His Strong Disease Fighting Activity.

Ashwagandha Has Ability To Defence Body Against All Kinds Of Diseases.

Ashwagandha Also Has A Strong & Powerful Antioxidant Properties. Whereas Antioxidant Known For His Strong Immunity Booster Ability.

11:- Turmeric

Turmeric Contains Curcumin, Which Is Also Known As Disease Fighting Agent. Turmeric Contains Curcumin Has Natural Immune Booster.

Curcumin Has Highly Naturally Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial And Wound Healing Properties. Regular Use Of Turmeric Strengthens The Immune System Of The Body.

12:- Balanced Diet

We Have To Take More Fruits & Vegetables Because They Are Rich In Vitamin A, C, Zinc And Antioxidants. Fruits & Vegetables Are Highly Rich In Vitamins & Antioxidants.

Whereas Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc And Antioxidant Are Known For His Immunity Booster Ability.

So We Have To Consume More Amount Of Fruits And Vegetables In Our Diet. Which Can Increase Our Immunity & Strengthen Our Immune System To Fight Against Diseases.

13:- Healthy Lifestyle

These Are Some Healthy Lifestyle Tips We Have To Follow:-

  • Wake Up Early In The Morning, But After Getting Proper & Enough Sleep.
  • Drink 1 Or 2 Glasses Of Water After Wake Up Early In The Morning With Empty Stomach.
  • Take Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner On Time With Healthy & Balanced Diet.
  • Avoid Consumption Of Alcohol.
  • Quit Smoking.
  • Avoid Consumption Of Junk Foods.
  • Sleep On Time In Night.

Healthy Lifestyle Play A Vital Role In Strengthen Our Immunity Or Immune System.

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13 Best Natural Ways To Build Immunity Against Covid 19

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