5 Amazing Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Jaggery

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Before We Discussing About The Jaggery Benefits, First Of All We Have To Know, What Is Jaggery?

What Is Jaggery

Jaggery Is Basically A Healthy Substitute Of Refined Sugar. Jaggery Is Natural & Healthier Sweetener Because It Contains Higher Amount Of Minerals & Antioxidants.

Due To Its Nutritious Value Jaggery Is Mainly Used As A Dessert, Consumed After Meals.

Jaggery Has More Nutritious Value Than Sugar Because A Substance Called Molasses Contains In It.

During The Refined Sugar Making Process, Usually Molasses Is Removed. That’s Why Jaggery Is More Healthier & Nutritious Than Refined Sugar.

Jaggery Is Made From Sugar Canes, Dates, Coconuts & Other Palm Trees. It Mostly Produces In Asian & African Countries. Almost 60-70% Of Jaggery Produces In India.

Basically Jaggery Contains 70% Of Sucrose, 10% Fructose & Isolated Glucose With 5% Minerals. It Also Power Packed With Phytochemicals & Antioxidants.

Jaggery Also Contains Little Amount Of B Vitamins & Minerals Like:- Zinc, Calcium, Copper, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium & Thiamin.

jaggery benefits

The Color Of Jaggery Is Normally Light Golden To Dark Brown. It Differ From Place To Place & Depending Upon The Preparing Methods.

Other Name Of Jaggery

  • In India- Gur.
  • In Colombia- Panela.
  • In Mexico- Piloncillo.
  • In Japan- Kokuto.
  • In Malaysia- Gula Melaka.

Jaggery Benefits

1):- Improves Digestion

In Recently An Article Have Published That Jaggery Stimulates The Functioning Of Bowel Movements & It Also Helping The Body To Releasing The Digestive Enzymes.

If You Having Constipation Or Any Other Digestive Problems Then You Have To Consume Jaggery To Prevent From Constipation & Other Digestion Related Issues (Jaggery Benefits).

2):- Detoxification

Due To The Presence Of Minerals & Antioxidants. Jaggery Is Also Acts As Cytoprotective.

It Means That It Not Only Detoxify The Respiratory System & Digestive System But Also The Whole Body From Inner Level (Jaggery Benefits).

Note:- If We Consume Jaggery Once Daily Can Help To Detoxify Our Whole Body.

3):- Prevents Anemia

jaggery benefits

As You Know That, Jaggery Is Power House Of Minerals Like:- Iron & Phosphorus, Which Helps In The Formation Of Haemoglobin In Our Body.

People Who Suffer From Iron Deficiency Or Taking Diet Which Has Less Iron, Can Consume Jaggery For Preventing Anemia & Other Blood Related Issues (Jaggery Benefits).

4):- Improves Immunity

Due To The Presence Of Various Minerals, Antioxidants & Nutrients, Jaggery Helps In Preventing Damages To The Free Radical Cells & Provide A Resistance To The Body From Fighting Against Various Diseases & Infections.

That’s The Reason Why Jaggery Helps In Boosting Or Increasing Immunity Functions (Jaggery Benefits).

5):- Maintains Blood Pressure

Jaggery Also Benefits In Controlling Acid Levels In The Body, Due To The Presence Of Potassium.

Potassium Generally Works As A Diuretic. It Makes Us Urinate & Helps The Body To Expel Extra Sodium From The Body. Due To This Jaggery Helps Our Body To Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Levels (Jaggery Benefits).

Side Effects Of Jaggery

  • If You Are Suffering From Any Inflammatory Diseases. It Can Increases Your Inflammation Levels Due To The Presence Of Sucrose In It.
  • If You Are Consuming Excessive Amount Of Jaggery, You Have The High Risk Of Certain Kind Of Diseases Like:- Obesity, Heart Diseases & Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Excessive Use Of Jaggery Can Increase Your Weight.
  • Excessive Use Of Jaggery Can Sometimes Give You Cold, Cough, Nausea, Stomach Ache & Vomiting Also.
  • Excessive Use Of Jaggery Can Increases Your Blood Sugar Levels.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Jaggery

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