5 Worst Turmeric Side Effects On Face (You Don’t Know)

turmeric side effects on face
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What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a herb. Turmeric has been used as a herb since ancient times. It is mainly used as a Spice In Some Countries.

Turmeric not only enhances the taste and color of food, but it also provide Protection against many diseases.

At present, There Is Various research is going on all over the world on the Health Benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric Side Effects After Applying On Face

1):- Turmeric Dries Out Skin

Turmeric can be drying on the skin when used alone, especially for people with extremely dry skin.

The dryness can be easily avoided if we use it with ingredients like:- whole milk and curd.

turmeric side effects on face

2):- turmeric Cause Irritation

One of the Most common complaints about using turmeric for skin care is that it irritates, especially when applied as a face pack.

Not all types of turmeric cause irritation, it’s mainly the “kasturi variety turmeric”.

To prevent irritation, I would always suggest mixing Kasturi Turmeric with conditioning ingredients like Curd or milk, it helps a lot in reducing irritation.

3):- Turmeric darkens the skin

Not everyone experiences this problem but some people actually do. This is because turmeric increases the sensitivity of the skin to the sun in some people.

if we use turmeric during the day and especially go out in the sun without any sunscreen then their skin color turns dark (Turmeric Side Effects On Face).

4):- Turmeric Stains on Skin

Usually the turmeric stain goes away but some people do not like this stain at all for some time. What we have to remember is that not all turmeric stains are the same.

For example, white turmeric does not stain the skin at all. while, Kasturi turmeric has a slight stain. But The regular cooking turmeric Stains The Most.

5):- Turmeric Allergy

Very few people experience an allergy to turmeric. If a person allergic to turmeric uses, they may experience a skin rashes Or Itching On The Skin.

If you experience itching or rashes after using turmeric, I suggest discontinuing using turmeric for skin care (Turmeric Side Effects On Face).

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5 Worst Turmeric Side Effects On Face (You Don’t Know)

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