5 Delicious And Most Popular Food Recipes For Dinner In U.S

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While you may eat chicken and potatoes differently from your neighbor, the way you cook it can have a very Highly effect on your health.

So instead of focusing on the details of fried vs baked or steamed vs sauted, we went back to the basics.

We focused on the most popular dinners and divided each meal into three different combinations of carbs, protein and veggies.

food recipes for dinner

1):- Rice + Chicken + Salad

This combo looks different from state to state (grilled with salt and pepper on the Coasts vs juicy fried chicken in the South), but the basics are classically American:- Chicken, Rice, and Salad.

Chicken, in it, is one of the healthiest proteins. There’s no denial that salad is great for the gut, too.

Although, rice has been controversial in the area of weight loss, But it isn’t a bad carb to include, especially if you stick with non-white rice.

food recipes for dinner

2):- Potato + Cheese + Beans

Put All these ingredients together, and you’ve got the fixings of a hearty casserole. Or as some in the Southwest might say, a wonderful breakfast “burrito”.

Cooked taters have higher amounts of vitamin C and more potassium than bananas, but they consist mainly of carbs.

Cheese Choices run the gamut, but mozzarella and feta have the lowest fat content. For beans, fresh is key. Keep canned items away- As they are high in sodium.

3):- Bread + Egg + Bell Peppers

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this combo certainly delivers from a balanced diet Viewpoint- as long as you keep the bread To sprouted grains And Whole Wheat.

Ezekiel Bread Rules this Standpoint, as it has no added sugar. Just avoid it if you Are gluten-free. As far as the eggs are concerned, boil them, scramble them, Do them sunny side up.

In the South, Fried eggs are king, while fluffy egg sandwiches are Famous on the East Coast [Food Recipes For Dinner].

4):- Fries + Beef + Tomato

Meat and potatoes come here. A Midwestern classic, the quality of this meal Actually depends on the cut of beef.

Porterhouse is considered the best because it’s Literally two cuts in one- a New York strip on one side and a filet mignon on the other Side.

Then, of course, there Is regular ground beef, which is popular almost everywhere. In the South, sweet potato fries are just as popular as regular fries.

And that tomato? OK, it might just be ketchup, but you Will want to get the whole fruit for all its potassium, folate and vitamins C and K benefits [Food Recipes For Dinner].

5):- Quinoa + Turkey + Broccoli

Quinoa is becoming the Fast grain of choice for foodies in search of a healthier variety. Similarly, turkey, being lower in calories and higher in protein than chicken, is now a lean meat.

And broccoli has long been The little green tree on any health conscious eater’s Side.

Together, these three ingredients make a delicious high fiber meal and would look wonderful in a bowl presentation [Food Recipes For Dinner].

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5 Delicious And Most Popular Food Recipes For Dinner In U.S

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