The Greatest Wealth Is Health

“Good Health And Good Sense Are Two Of Life’s Greatest Blessings.” “I Believe That The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Family And The World Is A Healthy You.”

For A Long, Healthy Life, The Six Key Lifestyle Behaviors Are Getting Enough Sleep, Eating A Healthy Diet, Being Physically Active, Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight, Not Smoking And Limiting Alcohol.

Why We Need Healthy Lifestyle?


To Ensure Good Health: Eat Lightly, Breathe Deeply, Live Moderately, Cultivate Cheerfulness And Maintain An Interest In Life.


Lack Of Activity Destroys The Good Condition Of Every Human Being, While Movement And Methodical Physical Exercise Save It And Preserve It.


Nutrition Is The Only Remedy That Can Bring Full Recovery And Can Be Used With Any Treatment. Remember, Food Is Our Best Medicine.


If You Don’t Make Time For Exercise, You’ll Probably Have To Make Time For Illness.


Meditation Is Less About Knowing What To Do And More About Knowing What Not To Do.


The Good Physician Treats The Disease, The Great Physician Treats The Patient Who Has The Disease.

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