Coffee Vs Tea- Which One Is Better?

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Coffee Vs Tea

If We Consume tea & coffee in limited quantity, then both are beneficial in terms of health and They Also Provide protection from diseases.

There would be very few people who would like both tea & coffee. Some people like to drink tea and some are fond of coffee, but there are Also some people who have a habit of drinking both.

But do you know which of the two is the most beneficial & which one should be consumed more in terms of health. Then Know about these Two Below In The Article.


coffee vs tea

There are So many Different types of tea, and it has many benefits too. Black, green & lemon tea has a good effect on our body.

Green tea plays a very important role in weight loss & it also reduces the risk of cancer. Consuming more tea Also harm Us, You Can Usually Consume 3 to 4 cups of tea In A Day.

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coffee vs tea

Like tea, coffee is also beneficial in terms of health, But the Presence Of caffeine in it makes it harmful. If you drink more coffee, then it can do more harm to your body than tea.

Apart from this, consuming too much coffee can also cause insomnia. Do not drink more than 3 To 4 cups of coffee In A Day.


Both tea & coffee contains Different Types Of anti-oxidants. On the one hand, tea contains flavonoids.

on the other hand, coffee contains Polyphenols & Hydrocinnamic acids. The work of both of them is The same & that is to eliminate free radical Cells From the body.


If caffeine is consumed in moderation then it is beneficial To Our Health, but consuming too much of Caffeine can cause many types of health problems.

However, 100 milligrams of caffeine is found in a cup of coffee & about 50 milligrams of caffeine in a cup of tea.

Therefore, both of these should not be consumed in excessive amount.

For Weight Loss

Both tea and coffee are helpful in weight loss. If you consume B‍lack coffee regularly, then It Can Helps In Reducing Our weight.

On the other hand, if We Consume Tea Without sugar, milk & cream, then we can Reduce Our Weight.

That is, weight can Also be reduced with green tea, lemon tea & Black tea (Coffee Vs Tea).

Beneficial For Heart

coffee vs tea

Both coffee and tea are beneficial for the heart Health. Anti-oxidants found in tea & coffee, Which reduces heart attack and It also increases heart functions (Coffee Vs Tea).

For Cancer

Coffee & tea also Provide protection against Various cancer. Tea drinkers are less likely to get womb and breast cancer, while coffee drinkers are less likely to get liver & prostate cancer.

Therefore, tea and coffee should be consumed to prevent deadly diseases like cancer (Coffee Vs Tea).

For Digestion

Tea is considered better for digestion than coffee. If tea is made without sugar and milk, then it is beneficial for the stomach. It Helps In improving digestion.

On the other hand, due to excessive consumption of coffee, hunger dies & there may be complaints of constipation Also Occur (Coffee Vs Tea).

Other Problem

Excess caffeine intake increases the amount of cortisol (steroid hormone) in the body, which can lead to diabetes, headaches, fatigue, depression, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, confusion & increased blood pressure (Coffee Vs Tea).


Tea & Coffee Both Have Some Negative And Positive Impact On Our Health. If We Consume Both In Limited Quantity, Then We Can Get So Many Health Benefits.

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Coffee Vs Tea- Which One Is Better?

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