20 Powerful Home Remedies For Constipation

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Before Discussing About The Constipation Home Remedies.

Firstly, We Have To Know What Is Constipation, How It Starts, Constipation Is A Disease Or Not, Effects & Side Effects Of Constipation, How To Check Constipation ?

Meaning Of Constipation

Constipation Is Normally Defined As “When Our Body Failed To Remove Or Eliminate Waste Products (Stools) From The Body On A Regular Basis” It Is Called Constipation.

Constipation Is Also Describes As “When A Person Having Less Than Three Bowel Movements In A Week, They Might Be Constipated”.

constipation causes home remedies treatment

Constipation Is A Disease Or Not

Basically Constipation Is Not A Disease, It Is Just A Symptom. About All The People Around The Whole World In Their Lifetime Facing This Problem At A Certain Stage.

Don’t Worry If You Are Constipated, If The Constipation Just Starts. But If It Stays For Longer, Then You Have To Worry A Little Bit.

Firstly, You Have To Find The Root Cause Or Reason & Then Start Your Constipation Treatment.

Side Effects Of Constipation

Constipation Normally Happens When A Person Facing Difficulty In Emptying Or Clearing The Large Bowel.

In A Normal Person, The Process Between The Food We Consume & Stool (Feces) We Pass. It Generally Takes About 8 To 24 Hours To Become Waste Products (Stools) Of Food We Eat.

But In A Constipated Person, It Usually Takes More Time In This Whole Process.

How Constipation Starts

There Are So Many Factors Involve In The Beginning Of Constipation. But These Are Few Major Factors Like:-

Environmental Changes, Certain Drugs Intake, Daily Lifestyle Or Routine Changes, Unhygienic Food Consumption, Illness Etc. Or Many Other Reasons.

According To Ayurveda, Constipation Problem Generally Starts When There Is Imbalances Of Vata Doshas In Our Body.

This Disorder May Also Starts Due To High Pitta Or Heat (Which Are Present In The Body & Dries Out The Stool).

Types Of Constipation

Mainly There Are Two Types Of Constipation:- Primary And Secondary.

In Primary Constipation The Reason For The Problem Is Not Known.

In Primary Constipation We Can Treat The Problem By Own By Changes In Daily Lifestyle Or Routine, Drinking Enough Fluids & Water, Consuming Higher Fiber Foods & Doing Enough Physical Activities.

In Secondary Constipation It Occurs Due To A Root Cause.

In Secondary Constipation These Are The Root Causes:-

  • If You Are A Diabetes Patient.
  • If You Are Taking Any Medications.
  • If You Are In Any Kind Of Depression.
  • If You Have A Deficiencies Of Vitamins & Minerals.
  • If You Are Suffering From A Disorder Which Affects Nervous System. Like:- Parkinson’s Disease.
  • If You Have Spinal Cord Injury.
  • If You Are Suffering From Colon Cancer.
  • If You Have Any Nerve Damage.

In Secondary Constipation, You Have To Follow Complete Advice From Your Doctor & You Need A Medical Supervision Of Doctor.

First Of All You Have To Identify The Root Cause & Then Start Your Treatment.

In Rare Cases, Doctor May Suggests You For Surgery. Your Doctor May Operate You For Colon Removal Surgery, If Colon Muscles Don’t Work Properly.

Before Surgery You Have To Discuss About The Merits & Demerits Of Surgery From Your Operating Doctor.

Effects Of Constipation

In Constipation A Person Passes The Waste (Stool) Too Slowly Through The Colon. It Generally Takes More Time To Pass Out The Stools.

In A Constipated Person, The Food Passes Slowly Through The Small Intestine To Large Intestine Or Digestive Tract. Then Colon Will Absorb More Water From Waste (Stool).

As A Result Of That Stool (Feces) Will Become More Dry & Harder, It Becomes Difficult To Pass Out. In A Constipated Person, The Colon Does Not Works Properly.

It Results The Production Of Extremely Poisonous Wastes In The Body, Which Can Disturb The Whole Digestive System.

constipation home remedies

In A Constipated Person, If The Rest Particles Or Residue Particles Of The Food We Consume, Which Remains More Than 24 Hours In Our Body.

It Can Produces Toxic Or Harmful Particles In The Body.

How Do We Know Whether We Are Constipated Or Not

There Is A Very Easy Method To Noticed That Whether We Are Constipated Or Not.

First Of All, We Have To Consume Some Amount Of Charcoal & See The Results (Stools) After That.

If The Colour Appears Like Charcoal (Blackish) In The Stools, It Means That You Are Not Constipated.

If The Presence Of Charcoal Not Present In The Stools (Feces) Within 8 To 24 Hours. It Clearly Suggests That You Are Suffering From Constipation.

How Many Population Are Constipated

Don’t Worry If You Are Constipated, You Are Not Alone Constipated In The World.

Nearly About 12-15 Percent Of Population Around The World Are Constipated.

constipation home remedies

Around 60-75 Percent Older Age People Are Suffering From Constipation.

Around 2.5 Million People Consulting Their Doctor Each Year Due To Constipation.

Only In USA Around 250 Million Dollars Money Spend By The People Each Year On Constipation Regarding Problems.

In India Around 22% Adults Are Constipated, Whereas 13% Are Suffering From Severe Constipation.

Who At More Risk From Constipation

The Most Common Problem In Old Age Is Constipation. Old Age People Suffer More Than Anybody From Constipation In The Whole World.

There Are So Many Reasons For This Disorder In Old Age People. Like:- Lack Of Physical Activities, Several Medical Conditions Can Also Lead To Constipation In Older Age People.

Lack Of Sufficient Fluids In Diet, Insufficient Water Intake, Poor Diet, Lack Of Exercise Are The Other Reasons For Constipation In Older Age People.

Psychological Reasons, Depression & Fear Of Pain Is Also Responsible For Constipation In Older Age.

constipation home remedies

In Women Constipation Mainly Occurs During Pregnancy. A Study Shows That 1 Out Of 4 Pregnant Women Are Suffering From Constipation.

25% Of Pregnant Women Are Constipated.

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy Slow The Bowel Movement & Cause Constipation.

In Pregnancy Uterus Directly Puts Pressure On Bowel & Its Become Difficult To Pass Out The Stools.

These Are Some Main Reasons For Constipation In Pregnancy.

Constipation Is Most Common In Newborn Babies Or Infants, Aged Less Than 1 Year. Sometimes A Babies Bowel Movements Can Be Improper, But That Doesn’t Mean That Your Child Is Constipated.

Sometimes Your Baby Eating Foods That Also Causes Constipation. Like:- Rice. In 5-10 Years Age Children, The Main Reason For Constipation Is That They Holding Their Stools For Long Time While Too Much Busy In Playing.

Diet Of Your Children May Not Contains Enough Fiber Or Fluid Which Can Also Cause Constipation.

Home Remedies For Constipation

These Are Some Steps We Have To Follow To Treat This Problem:-

1:- Avoid Delaying Or Holding In Passing Stools

When We Holding Our Stool For Long Time In Rectum, It Absorbed More Water From It. As A Result, The Stool Becomes More Drier & Harder. Its Creating Problem To Pass Out Stool.

Sometimes, Its Ok If You Are Holding Or Avoiding Stool Passing, But If You Are Doing It Regularly, It Causes Constipation. So We Should Never Holding Or Delaying Bowel Movements Regularly (Constipation Home Remedies).

2:- Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise Decreases The Time Duration Of The Food Passes Through Small Intestine To Large Intestine. As A Result Less Water Withdrawn By Our Body From The Stool. Which Further Helps In Preventing Constipation.

Regular Exercise Helps Body To Digest Food Easily & Passing Out Stools Normally (Constipation Home Remedies).

3:- Drink Enough Water

As You Know That Constipation Usually Occurs When Our Body Becomes Dehydrated & Creating Problem In Stool Passing Because Stool(Waste) Becomes Harder & Drier.

So We Should Drink Enough Amount Of Water, To Hydrated Our Body Accurately. As A Result, Less Water Will Be Absorbed From The Colon. It Further Prevents From Constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

4:- Consume Foods Rich In Fiber

Foods Which Are Rich In Fiber Helps Softening The Stools. It Also Helps In Increasing The Size & Weight Of Stool Because Large(Huge) Stool Is Easier To Pass Out.

When You Having Loose Stools Or Liquid Stools, Fiber Helps In Harden The Stool By Absorbing Water From That & Make Mass Of Stool (Constipation Home Remedies).

5:- eat spinach, get rid of constipation

If you are troubled by constipation & you want to fix it by Home Remedies, then consuming spinach is a good solution for you because spinach has laxative properties which helps in removing constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

6:- Use honey to relieve constipation

The use of honey can help you to overcome constipation because honey has laxative property which helps in removing the problem of constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

7:- Treat constipation with fennel

Constipation home remedies

Drink a spoonful of roasted fennel with warm water before sleeping at night. The volatile oils found in fennel Which improves digestion & increases the production of gastric enzymes.

Fennel Is Well Known Home Remedies For Constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

8:- cumin & carom seeds

Roast cumin and carom seeds on low flame & grind them. Add Some black salt to it, mix all three in equal Proportion & keep it in a box.

Drink half a teaspoon daily with lukewarm water. This is an Powerful home remedies for constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

9:- Castor Oil For Constipation

Drink a glass of Lukewarm milk by adding 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil at bedtime. This Is Also An Useful home remedies For constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

10:- Stone Apple

Stone Apple fruit is Also beneficial for the problem of constipation. Take half a cup of Stone Apple pulp and a spoonful of jaggery, before meals in the evening. It Helps In Removing Constipation.

Stone Apple’s syrup is also beneficial in constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

10:- Senna Tea

Senna tea is also a traditional remedy for relieving constipation. Senna plants are grown all over the world, but due to its health properties, it has a special cultivation in India.

Senna leaves contain compounds called sennosides, which can irritate your digestive system so much that bowel movements become easier (Constipation Home Remedies).

11:- an apple every morning

Experts says that apple contains Enough fiber which is very beneficial for the body. Therefore, by eating an apple every day, you will be saved from many diseases. It is also great use in problems like constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

12:- Isabgol

All of you must have used it to get rid of stomach problem. Isabgol can prove to be beneficial, if you have stomach pain or any stomach related disease.

But do you know, that Isabgol is also effective in removing the problem of constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

13:- Fenugreek

Fenugreek is very beneficial for the stomach. Fenugreek has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial Properties, which helps in curing every stomach problem.

The right way to eat it is to take some fenugreek & drink it with lukewarm water. By doing this, the problem of constipation is removed (Constipation Home Remedies).

14:- Liquorice

Liquorice is also beneficial for constipation. It contains glycyrrhiza acid as well as sucrose, resin and starch. Which breaks the food of the stomach into small pieces. You can consume its powder with lukewarm water (Constipation Home Remedies).

15:- Natural Herbs

There Are So Many Natural Herbs Useful In Treating Constipation. Triphala Is One Of The Best Natural Herbs For Liver, Stomach Disorders & Also For Constipation.

So We Should Prefer More Natural Or Herbal Treatment Because It Has No Or Less Side Effects (Constipation Home Remedies).

16:- Avoid Highly Fat Containing Foods

Highly Fat Containing Foods Are Higher In Fat But Lower In Fiber. It Delay Or Slow The Whole Digestive Process.

So We Should Avoid Food Which Contains Highly Fat Ex:- Butter. Because It Takes More Time To Digest & Creates Problems In Passing Out Stools (Constipation Home Remedies).

17:- Fruits & Vegetables

constipation home remedies

All Fruits & Vegetables Contains Some Amount Of Fiber. Foods Which Contains Fiber, Helps In Softening The Stools & Also Provide Weight & Size To Stools.

That’s Why, We Should Consume More Amount Of Fruits & Vegetables, It Helps In Treating Constipation (Constipation Home Remedies).

18:- Avoid Junk Foods & Fried Products

Consuming More Amount Of Junk & Fried Foods, Increases The High Risk Of Becoming Constipated. These Kinds Of Foods Contains High Amount Of Fat & Low Amount Of Fiber. It Also Disturbs The Whole Digestive Systems.

So We Should Avoid Junk & Fried Products Because It Aggravates (Increases) This Disorder (Constipation Home Remedies).

19:- Physical Activity

Physical Activities Helps Your Bowel Movements Quickly. It Helps You Poop Better. Physical Activity Can Speed Up The Food Movement Between Small Intestine To Large Intestine. As A Result, Body Absorbs Less Water From Stools.

So The Stool Becomes Softer & Easier To Pass Out.

So We Should Doing More & More Physical Activities Because It Helps In Passing Out The Stools Normally (Constipation Home Remedies).

20:- Avoid Certain Drugs Or Medicines

There Are Certain Kinds Of Drugs Or Medicines We Consume, Which Directly Effects On Our Digestive System. It Further Causes Constipation.

These Drugs Should Be Avoided Like:-

  • Pain Killers Like:- Aspirin.
  • Iron & Calcium Supplements.
  • Antacids Which Contains Calcium.
  • Parkinson’s Drugs.
  • Diuretics Drugs.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers Drugs.

My Recommended Natural & Herbal Medicines To Treat Constipation

With No Side Effects

20 Powerful Home Remedies For Constipation

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