10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Their Side Effects

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What Is Green Tea

Green Tea Is Known As One Of The Finest & Healthiest Drink In Worldwide Because It Contains Highest Amount Of Antioxidants Than Any Other Tea.

Green Tea Also Contains Polyphenols, Which Is Considered As Anti Inflammatory Or Anti Carcinogenic Properties.

Tea Is The Second Most Consumed Beverage In The Worldwide After Water.

About 80% Of People Around The World Is Consuming Black Tea & Only 20% Of Population In The World Consuming Green Tea.

From Ancient Times, In India It Is Used As A Medicinal Instrument In Ayurveda & In China It Is Used As A Traditional Chinese Medicine To Treat Certain Kinds Of Diseases.

Green Tea Is Mainly Originated From China But Its Manufacturing & Production Also Extended In Many Other Asian Countries.

It Is Known For Its Health Benefits From So Many Years in The Whole World.

In Recent Years, Green Tea Becomes Most Popular Drink In United States Of America.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

How Green Tea Made

Green Tea Made From The Plant Called Camellia Sinensis. These Plant Comes In Two Different Varieties. One Bush Grows In China, Which Are Used To Make Green Teas & White Teas.

While The Other Bush Grows In India, Which Are Used To Make Black Tea & Oolong Tea.

Green Tea Is Produced By Steaming The Leaves Of Camellia Sinensis At High Temperature & After That Pan Frying Process Is Done. In The End Leave Them To Drying.

Green Tea Is Produced From Unoxidized Leaves (Least Oxidized Process). That’s The Reason It Contains Highest Number Of Antioxidants & Polyphenols Than Any Other Tea.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Types Of Green Tea

These Are The Best Green Tea Varieties Available In Worldwide:-

  • Japanese Sencha Green Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Gunpowder Green Tea
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Genmaicha Green Tea
  • Gyokuro Green Tea
  • Longjing Green Tea
  • Mint Green Tea

Ingredients Of Green Tea

These Are The Main Ingredients Of Green Tea:-

  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin C
  • Tannins
  • Vitamin E
  • B Vitamins
  • Fluorine
  • Theanine
  • Alkalinity
  • Saponins
  • Plant Pigments

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

1):- Constipation

Consuming Green Tea In Regular Basis Can Prevent You From Constipation By Triggering The Small Intestine.

Green Tea Helps In Stimulating Regular Bowel Movements (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

2):- Weight Loss

Green Tea Contains Caffeine & Tannins, Which Helps In Boosting Our Metabolism & Speed Up In Fat Burning Process.

In A Recent Research Shows That Green Tea Helps In The Treatment Of Weight Loss & Obesity In Adults By Burning 75-100 Calories Per Day (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

3):- Heart Problem

In A Recent Research Shows That Green Tea Can Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease & Stroke Because It Has Ability To Reduce LDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides.

Green Tea Has Ability To Improve The Overall Health Of Heart Due To Its Antioxidant Properties (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

4):- Anti Cancer

Oxidative Destruction Can Steer To Chronic Inflammation. As A Results, Chronic Diseases & Cancers Can Develop In Our Body.

Green Tea Can Play A Vital Role In Preventing From Various Cancers Because Of Its Highly Antioxidant Properties (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

5):- Diabetes

Some Research Have Shown That People Who Consume Green Tea In Daily Habit Can Have Lower Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

6):- Inflammatory Skin Disease

Some Research Have Found Evidence That Green Tea May Help In The Treatment Of Skin Diseases Like:- Dandruff & Psoriasis.

People Who Treated Along With Green Tea Showing Slowing The Growth Rate Of Skin Cells & Gene Which Is Responsible For Life Cycles Of Cells (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

7):- Brain Function

Green Tea Contains A Ingredient Called Caffeine, Which Acts As A Stimulant. Caffeine Helps To Stimulates The Brain Functioning Of The Body (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

8):- Oral Health

Green Tea Is Also Useful In Our Oral Health Issues.

There Is A Ingredient Called Tannins Found In Green Tea, Which Has Ability To Fight Against Oral Bacteria & Protects Our Teeth & Gums From Bad Bacteria (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

9):- Stress

Caffeine In Green Tea Stimulates The Nervous System Of Our Body. It Helps In Relieving Stress & Fatigue.

10):- Alzheimer

In A Recent Research Published That Green Tea Helps In Reducing The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease. Green Tea Affected On Key Protein In Alzheimer’s Disease (Health Benefits Of Green Tea).

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Green Tea Is Usually Safe To Use But In Some Rare Cases, It Might Cause You Some Problem. These Are Some Reasons:-

1):- Bleeding Disorders

If You Are Suffering From Any Bleeding Disorder, You Should Quit Consuming Green Tea Because It Can Increases The Risk Of Bleeding.

2):- Diabetes

If You Are Diabetic, You Should Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Level. If You Are Consuming Green Tea.

Green Tea Contains Caffeine, Which Can Affects Your Blood Control Sugar Level.

3):- Irregular Heartbeat

Green Tea Contains Nicotine & Caffeine. When We Using Nicotine & Caffeine Together From Long Period Of Time, It Can Irregular Your Heartbeat.

4):- Headaches

Green Tea Can Increase Your Headaches, If You Are Suffering From Migraine. You Might Consume Green Tea Occasionally. But You Should Avoid To Take It Regularly.

5):- Pregnancy

Tannins & Caffeine Can Increase The Complications During Pregnancy.

6):- Massive Consumption

When We Using Green Tea More Than The Recommended Amount (More Than 8 Cups Per Day), It Can Cause You Some Problems. Like:- Stomach Upset & Constipation. In Some Rare Cases It Can Cause You Some Serious Problems Like:- Liver & Kidney Diseases.

7):- Long Period

Green Tea Also Causing Some Problems If You Are Consuming It From Long Period Of Time In High Amount Of Doses Continuously.

It Can Cause You Some Mild To Serious Complications Like:- Vomiting, Headache & Heartburn Etc.

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