10 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Healthy Food | Balanced Diet

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What Is Balanced Diet?

A Balanced Diet Is A Diet Which Helps In Encouraging & Maintaining Healthy & Stress Free Life. It Generally Helps In Improving Or Promoting Overall Health.

A Well Balanced Diet Produces All The Necessary Nutrition, Micronutrients, Macronutrients, Fluid & Energy.

In A Healthy Diet Or Balanced Diet:- We Must Include Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Unprocessed Or Less Processed Foods & Some Beverages.
what is balanced diet

In A Balanced Diet & Healthy Food, We Should Follow These Requirements:-

  • Consumption Of Variety Of Foods.
  • Consumption Of Less Salt.
  • Consumption Of Less Sugar.
  • Consumption Of Less Saturated Fats.
  • Consumption Of Less Trans Fats.

A Healthy Diet Can Be From Plant Based Foods Or Also From Animal Based Foods.

A Healthy Diet Protects You From Various Long Term Or Chronic Diseases Like:- Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Non Communicable Diseases.

10 Unknown Health Benefits Of Healthy Food & Balanced Diet

  • Healthy Diet Provide Protection Against Malnutrition & Various Disorders.
  • Healthy Diet Provides Strong Immunity.
  • Healthy Diet Strengthens Bones Health.
  • Healthy Diet Controls & Maintains Weight.
  • Healthy Diet Supports Muscles Health.
  • Healthy Diet Provides Strong Digestive System Functions.
  • Healthy Diet Keeps Our Eyes, Teeth & Skin Healthy.
  • Healthy Diet Lower The Risk Of Cancers, Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Diseases.
  • Healthy Diet May Helps In Live Longer.
  • Healthy Diet May Provides Less Complications During Pregnancy.
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Basic Tips For Healthy Food & Balanced Diet

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Consume At Least 300-400 Grams Fruits & Vegetables Per Day.
  • Consume Variety Of Fruits & Vegetables.
  • Consume Only Seasoned Fruits & Vegetables.
  • Consume Vegetables In All Meals.
  • Consume Raw Vegetables & Fresh Fruits As Snacks.


  • Consuming Excessive Sugar Can Lead To Over Weight & Obesity.
  • Less Sugar Consumption Lower The Risk Of Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Replace Sugary Snacks With Fruits & Raw Vegetables.
  • Excessive Sugar Intake Can Disable Your Appetite Control Ability.

Salt | Sodium

  • High Salt Intake Can Increase Your Blood Pressure, Which Can Lead To Stroke & Heart Diseases.
  • You Can Normally Consume Less Than 5 g Salt Per Day.
  • Prefer Food Products With Low Sodium Content.
  • Control The Consumption Of Salty Snacks.


  • Excessive Fats Intake Can Lower Your Energy Level By 30%.
  • Prefer Steaming Or Boiling Instead Of Frying While Cooking.
  • Control The Consumption Of Baked & Fried Foods.
  • Replace Butter, Ghee Or Lard With Soybean & Sunflower Oils.

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10 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Healthy Food | Balanced Diet

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