Is Your Cat Losing Hair | 8 Reasons For Hair Loss In Cats

hair loss in cats
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First, Define What Is Hair Loss In Cats?

When A Cat Losing Hair It’s Also Called As “Alopecia”. Hair Loss Can Be Partial Or Complete In Felines For A Different Kind Of Reasons.

Experts View:- Assistant Professor Of Dermatology- Dr. Fiona Bateman, Says That The Most Common Cause For Hair Loss In Cats Is Skin Allergies. She Regularly Notice Hair Loss In Cats At Her Clinic.

Is Alopecia In Cats ‘Normal Or Not’?

Some cats have born With “hereditary alopecia”. For example, Sphynx cats are born without hair and never grow any Hair In Whole Life.

The Another Kind Of Hair Loss In Cats Is “Pinnal Alopecia” [Hair Loss On The Outside Of The Ear Pinnae]. This Kind Of Hair Loss Is Common In Siamese Cats, But This Problem Generally Resolves On Its Own.

Experts View:- Dr. Hayworth Says- Many adult cats also experience “preauricular alopecia” – thinning of the fur on the strip of skin between the ears and eyes, which is considered normal in cats.

hair loss in cats

What Is Acquired Alopecia In Cats?

Dr. Bateman Says- The rest of the cat population, who are born with normal fur, gets acquired alopecia. [which is a symptom of a disease or condition and not a disease itself].

The veterinarian Can diagnose the underlying condition.

Will Hair Grow Back After Hair Loss in cats?

Dr. Bateman says- If You Are A Cat Lover Or Cat Parents, Then There Is A Good News For You Is That hair loss in cats Generally does not indicate a serious illness and the hair can usually grow back.

Dr. Hayworth Says- That How Well You Treated And The Hair Loss Reversed Process Depends Upon The Underlying Cause.

Reasons For Hair Loss In Cats

  • Allergies
Allergies are the top cause of hair loss In Cats. Like people, your cat can be allergic to food, insect bites, medications Or dust Etc. To reduce the itching, they will lick their fur until bald spots appear.

Like Humans, Cats Also Suffer From Both Allergies Like:- Food Based And Environmental Based. These Can Cause Inflamed Skin, Itchy And Patchy Hair Loss.

These Allergies Can Be The Primarily Cause Of Feline Alopecia.

  • Pain

Sometimes, a cat licks a part of her body too much, not because it itches, but because the tissue beneath the skin Pains.

Dr. Bateman Says:- For example, a cat with arthritis may lick Continuously on the painful joint because it is painful and the licking helps To relieve the discomfort. The problem is that the cat licks Away the hair too.

  • Infections

Dr. Hayworth And Dr. Bateman Says:- It’s not as common a cause of cat hair loss as allergies, but it does happen.

Cats with Infectious conditions such as staph infections and fungal infections such as ringworm may lose hair in the affected areas.

  • Hyperthyroidism

If Cats have hormonal imbalances and increased levels of steroids in the body, then The hair follicles Starts To die. Due To abnormal hormone levels, new hairs may not grow back.

This Kind Of metabolic disorder produces too much cortisol Which Results alopecia Or Hair Loss in cats.

  • Medication Side Effects

Certain medications can Also lead to hair loss In Cats. For example:-

  • High doses of steroids From Long Term.
  • Topically applied flea medications can Also Results hair loss in Cats In the applying area.
  • Injected vaccines May results hair loss at the injection site and Later widespread hair loss.
  • Poor Nutrition

Pet hair needs a Sufficient supply of essential nutrients, if it is to remain stable in the hair follicles. Therefore, a poor diet can Stimulate hair loss On Cats.

  • Insufficient Blood Flow

When there is no proper circulation of blood, the hair does not grow properly.

Because Blood Helps To Provide Sufficient Nutrients To The Hair Roots For Proper Nourishment. Due To Lack Of Nutrients Hair Follicles Starts To Die.

Which Further Results Hair Loss On Cats.

  • Unhealthy Organ Function

There Are Various Diseases And Drugs That Directly Affects On Functions Of Vital Organs, Which Results Hair Loss. For Example:-

  • Chemotherapy And Cancer Drugs.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Liver Failure.
  • Kidney Failure.
  • Bottom Line:-
Don’t panic about cat hair loss- just take your cat to the veterinarian for an examination. “Chances are Problem Is not serious”.

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Is Your Cat Losing Hair | 8 Reasons For Hair Loss In Cats

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