Major Factors What Constipation Causes

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What Is Constipation?

According to Ayurveda, the balance of the body depends on the doshas of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Due to these imbalances, the body gets surrounded by diseases.

Due to carelessness in diet & lifestyle, the Digestive System becomes slow. As A Result, the food is not digested properly at the right time.

Due to this the doshas of the body become unbalanced and contaminated Which Further causes diseases.

Constipation is mainly caused by the Unbalancing of Vata dosha, due to which the stool becomes dry and hard. So The Excretion is not possible at the right time.

What Constipation Causes

These Are The Main Causes Of Constipation:-

1:- Delaying Or Holding In Passing Stools

When We Holding Our Stool For Long Time In Rectum, It Absorbed More Water From It. As A Result, The Stool Becomes More Drier & Harder. Its Creating Problem To Pass Out Stool.

Sometimes, Its Ok If You Are Holding Or Avoiding Stool Passing, But If You Are Doing It Regularly, It Causes Constipation.

2:- Fiber Foods

The Food We Eat, Which Is Lower In Fiber Can Take Longer Time To Digest. Which Can Be Lead To Harder & Drier Stools, Stomach Pain & Irregular Bowel Movements Etc.

3:- Dairy Products

Consuming More Amount Of Dairy Products Can Produces Gas & Bloating. It Also Disturbs The Whole Digestive System. It Takes More Time To Digest (What Constipation Causes).

what constipation causes

4:- Water

When We Drink Less Amount Of Water. Our Stool In The Colon Gets Dehydrated.

As A Result Of That Our Stool Becomes More Drier & Harder. It Becomes Difficult To Pass Out, Thats Why Less Water Consumption Can Cause Constipation.

5:- Lifestyle

When We Changes Our Daily Lifestyle, Routine Or Daily Habit Of Eating Or Sleeping More Frequently. It Disturbs The Whole Digestive Process, It Further Causes Constipation.

what constipation causes

6:- Physical Activity

When We Make Less Physical Activities, Then The Food We Consumed Move Slowly Through Small Intestine To Large Intestine & Delay The Whole Digestive Process. This May Be A Root Cause Of Constipation.

7:- Medicines (Drugs)

There Are Certain Kinds Of Medicines (Drugs) Which Directly Causes Constipation Like:- Anti Inflammatory Drugs, Pain Killer Drugs, Parkinson’s Medicinal Drugs, Diuretics Drugs Etc. (What Constipation Causes)

8:- Unhygienic Foods

what constipation causes

Unhealthy Diet & Unenergetic Lifestyle Are The Main Source Of Constipation.

Consuming Too Much Of Junk Food Or Fast Food Can Disturb Your Whole Digestive System Process, It Further Causes Constipation.

9:- Processed Foods

Processed Foods Like:- White Rice, White Pasta & White Bread Are Becomes Lower In Fiber During The Whole Processing Process.

As A Result, The Healthy Parts Of The Cereals Like:- Germ & Bran Removed During Processing. It Further Causes Constipation.

10:- Laxatives

Overuse Of Laxatives Can Also Cause Constipation Because Our Body Becomes Dependent On This & As A Result, Our Colon Does Not Function Properly.

So We Should Not Use Laxatives Like Enema Or So For Over More Than 2 Weeks Without Consulting A Doctor.

11:- Diseases

There Are Certain Kinds Of Diseases & Their Medicinal Treatment Can Indirectly Cause Constipation. Some Neurological Disorders Can Also Lead To Constipation Like:- Parkinson’s Disease & Spinal Cord Injuries.

Diseases That Causes Constipation Like:- Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Colon Cancer, Diverticular, Depression, Any Nerve Damage Etc. (What Constipation Causes).

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Major Factors What Constipation Causes

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